PHILOSOPHYmanagement philosophy


Create a prosperous future of all involved people.

Investment to create the future. That is the essence of the asset formation service provided by S Division. The important thing is not only increasing the number of capital, but also to build a prosperous tomorrow's foundation for tomorrow. A truly valuable investment starts with clarifying the purpose. S DIVISION correctly recognizes the significance and mission of business activities, and contributes to the development of all stakeholders and the prosperity of Japan and other countries based on a proactive and enterprising spirit.


Acquire an overwhelming presence as a pioneer.

We grow into a group of 1 trillion yen in 10 years until 2030 and list multiple companies. In addition, we will launch a pension mechanism for Japanese companies and demonstrate your presence as a pioneer. The aim is to be the 10th Konglomarit in the Philippines. We will greatly develop the path to next generation with an overwhelming presence.

Code of BEHAVIORAction Charter

S Division provides services with socially useful, high technology and new information to customers, and strives to earn the satisfaction and trust of our customers.

  1. S Division works for fair, transparent and free competition in all businesses.
  2. S Division is responsible for the stakeholders, making quick and accurate information disclosure and accurate.
  3. S Division respects individual human rights and individuality and creates an environment that is easy to work.
  4. In considering environmental issues, S Division works on energy saving, effective use of resources, and reducing waste, and trying to reduce environmental load in the process of organizational activities.
  5. S Division strives to understand the country and region, respect the social norms, traditional culture, and customs of the country and region, and pursue coexistence and co -prosperity as an "organizational citizen."
  6. S Division keeps a healthy and normal relationship with politics, government, business partners, etc., has a resolute attitude toward anti -social forces and organizations, and does not respond to unjust or illegal demands.

S Division recognizes that the execution of the Charter is its own role, and in the event that it is in the unlikely event that it is informed of the public and develops an organizational system, and occurs in the event that it is against the Charter. We will clarify the authority and responsibility of the stakeholders, including ourselves, and strive to prevent the cause and prevent recurrence.