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Zen Finance Inc. is a finance company, mainly running a lending business in the Philippines. We develop business mainly on lending loans to campanies and individuals. We cover various lending plans from company lending (small lending) for employees working for major companies such as BPOs, bridge lending (medium -priced loan) after securing property and cars, and we also provide loans for large-scale projects to companies, resort management rights, land, and building as collateral.

What is lending?

Lending is a consumer finance and financing industry in Japan. The companies and individuals always in need of funds in philippines and We support brighten their future throughout our business"

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About lending scheme

Company lending

Company lending is a lending business for companies based in the Philippines.
Philippines is now in the high economic growth period, various companies wish to make a loan to improve cash flow, capital investment, and business expansion.
ZEN FINANCE INC. runs company lending business for government institutional company or large companies, which has a stable business status.

Bridge lending

In the Philippines, you need a certain period of repayment history to receive additional loans from banks.

However, in the Philippines, which is experiencing a period of high economic growth, various companies are in the middle of growing.
For this reason, it is difficult to receive additional loans immediately,even the company with strong performance and struggling with funding.
Bridge lending is a business that makes a loan for such companies for additional loans.

The point of this business model is that the loan introducer is a major Philippine bank or government official.
The companies introduced by major banks have good performance, and will only be introduced by companies that banks are planning to make additional loans.
Therefore, it is possible to ensure that customers have repayment history, risk hedging screening, etc.

In addition, Zen Finance Inc. and banks concluded a "receivable purchase agreement" to buy receivables one year later.
As a result, we have established a business model that can ensure a capital recovery, secure recovery, as well as securing the security from customers.

Lending to "PSSLAI"



"PSSLAI" is an organization established under the Filipino Republic of the Philippines, consisting only of police officers, firefighters, prisoners, and the Philippine military public servants, counting of 220,000 members. (Same as the Japanese civil servant mutual aid association.)

Lending to "PSSLAI" provides loans only for civil servants and their families.
The loan for members of "PSSLAI" has been possible by the connection with public servants in the Philippines, and it can be said that this business is only possible by Zen Finance Inc.

In the Philippines, public servants are recognized, and Zen Finance Inc. has a business tie -up with members of the manager and provide a loan business.
In the Philippines, occupations, such as public servants who can get regular IDs, have tremendous demand, so most of staff repay tightly, not taking the risk of umemployed.
In addition, their direct boss takes the repayment management, so that this business model has succeeded in full of risk hedging

The lending business to "PSSLAI" is said to be a market of about 66.1 billion yen, and it is expected to expand in the future, and won't lose its loan target for semi -permanently.


Executive introduction




After graduating from university, he visited the Philippines as an internship of Japan's largest electronics manufacturer in his 20s. But the branches were closed when he was working for. Normally, there is no choice but to return to Japan, however, he decided to remain and succeeded to make a contract between the largest electronics manufacturer, using his own personal connections built in the Philippines, and started a business. That's when he was just 22 years old.
After entrepreneurship, he has been running a processing company in Cebu for more than 10 years. Continue trading with the largest electronics manufacturer to expand the business scale. After building assets, he sell the company to Filipino partners. Live a free life as the owner of the billiard bar that has been a long -time dream. However, despite continuing such a life for several years, he returned to active duty when he still wanted to fight at the forefront of business. He became president of a certain German automotive parts manufacturer in the Philippines and became manager of asian region.
Participated in the S Division Holdings Group since 2016. He enjoys not only English cultivated in overseas life for more than 20 years, but also Tagalog (Philippine local language). He skillfully makes full use of his deep knowledge of local business and culture, and is active in the finance division.


Office introduction

Philippine base office name "The Enterprise Center Tower 1"

There is an office on the 18th floor of Zen Finance Inc.

"The Enterprise Center Tower 1" located in the center of Makati, and is a prime location facing Ayara Ave., called a Filipin Wall Street, famous as a financial district in Makati. It's similar to a location "Marunouchi" and "Otemachi" in Tokyo.

Large companies such as Louis Vuitton, International media Reuter, Filippi Moris, and Nomura Securities also have offices.


Company Profile

Company name Zen Finance Inc.
Founded 2013
President Tetsuya Yamagiwa
employees 9
Address 2nd Floor, 928 Antonio ARNAIZ AVENUE, MAKATI CITY 1223 PHILIPPINES..

■ Address

2nd Floor , 928 Antonio Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City 1223 Philippines.

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